#lovelydeadcrap | Nail Art Tutorial

6.1.15 shinyglittercupcake 0 Comments

lovelydeadcrap: a close-up of a limp hydrangea with snow on it

I've discovered this exciting new (at least to me) tag on instagram, where people take close-ups of limp flowers and plants. Well, rereading that sentence, this doesn't sound exciting at all. But it actually is fascinating.
So all these pictures are tagged #lovelydeadcrap, which might sound macabre at first. The term just reflects the fact that it's all about the beauty of dead plants. ...that doesn't sound any better. XD
But if you take a look at these pieces of art, you'll experience the fascinating magic that's called nature in a wonderful and very different way. If you already know about it, then lucky you. You're one of those, who cherish the simple things in life. And that's desirable.

To give credit to all these photographers and pictures I've loved to see on this social media site, I've decided to upload a simple nail art tutorial.

What do you think about these pictures?

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day!

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