Loving Watercolour Pencils

19.9.14 shinyglittercupcake 4 Comments

You can watch me drawing the blue tit on youtube!

I have always loved using pencils for colouring pictures. They are really easy to handle even though it can be frustrating when you sharpen them and they tend to break... ^^
As a child you usually have the waterproof pencils, which don't react to water at all and so did I. You can alter their intensity by using different levels of pressure. And a skilled person even knows how to mix different colours. 

Mixing colours is a lot different with watercolour pencils. They blend so well when they get exposed to water. It's wonderful to watch the colours getting brighter as you move the brush. You could say: "Why aren't you just using watercolours in the first place?" And here is where I point back to the accuracy that pencils can provide. You can place every streak exactly where you want it to be. Of course watercolour paintings can be detailed too. But it's so much easier with watercolour pencils. :)

Have you ever tried using them?

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  1. I really love using watercolour pencils- it's the best of both worlds. Beautiful colours and blending, with the accuracy and detail of a pencil. I've got a few sets, but I don't get them out often enough.
    Jennifer x

    1. You're absolutely right! I'd love to see one of your pictures any time soon. Maybe on your blog? ;)