Simple Hair Bow Tutorial

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You may all know these annoying straps that are attached to the inside of your shirts or dresses. They once served a purpose, which was to hold your piece of fashion in place while arranged on a hanger in a shop. I'm now assuming you don't always use them the same way at home... Since I don't do that either. :)

So after losing their initial purpose, the next thing they do is hanging out, when they are really not supposed to. I always end up sticking them back in or have friends reminding me to do so. To finally stop that annoyance, let's now take some scissors and do something useful!

If you look closely, you will recognise that these straps are of quite good quality. You can use them for whatever you want. Be it accentuating a piece of room decor or adding some cuteness to a self-made gift card. In our case we'll make some delicate hair bows.

After releasing the straps from a shirt, make sure to seal the ends with clear nail polish. This will prevent them from fraying. Now spot the centre and bind a simple bow. Take a hair pin and tuck it into the knot. Did you know, that the wavy side of the pin is supposed to be closest to your head? This way it provides better grip.

If you don't want to rebind it over and over, you can simply fixate the knot with the clear nail polish or some glue. The hair bow is very subtle and will always match at least the shirt you cut it from. ;)

What kind of hair accessories do you wear?

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  1. Ooh so pretty!! This is a lovely idea :)

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