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Lindt Hello Salted Caramel and Hello Sweet Popcorn

Finally it's this time of the year, when I get the chance to restock my drawer full of sweets and not getting blamed for me wishing for a whole load of chocolate. It's not that I have a problem with me stuffing myself with tiny bits of deliciousness, I'm really enjoying every bite. I can store one package for months and eat it slowly bit by bit.

But I'm not here to spill out all my craziness on you... Let's talk about my newest findings, which are two of the latest Lindt chocolate bars. Their series of HELLO chocolate bars is dedicated to young chocolate lovers and provides a bunch of classic treats mixed into milk chocolate. I personally found the Strawberry Cheesecake one to be my favourite.

a piece of Lindt Salted Caramel with dripping caramel

So I've bought two of their newest HELLOs, SALTED Caramel and Sweet POPCORN. Maybe you've read my Review on the Lindt Creation bar, which I had excpected very much from and got me so little... So I wasn't as enthusiastic about these two.
Let's start with Sweet POPCORN. This chocolate stick provides solide pieces of chocolate with just tiny bits of popcorn. The popcorn bits are really crunchy and blend well into the chocolate as you let it melt in your mouth. It tastes delicious, but not spectacular. I'm not quite sure if I would repurchase, because it's a bit too pricey.
So let's move on to SALTED Caramel. This one surprised me a lot. As I took a first bite, the caramel started to nearly float towards me. I wouldn't really describe it as creamy. It's more on the liquid side. And that's a biiiiig plus! The salty taste is just right for this chocolate-caramel mixture. I can definitely say that this is one of my favourite chocolate bars so far.

What's your favourite Christmas treat?

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