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24.11.14 shinyglittercupcake 2 Comments

decorative box with some hair accessories in it

focus on some of the hair accessories, a red bow clip and a semi-transparent black bow clip

the closed box has a bow itself on its lid

Since I usually start buying Christmas presents in summer, I'm quite late for it this year... which is making me more nervous rather than creative. This is exactly why I'm open for all the pretty and quick gift ideas on the internet. The gift idea pictured above is one of my own: the bow box.

For this idea I got inspired by a lovely youtube family I've been watching since last year. The SacconeJolys have a toddler girl, Emilia, who uses to store her hair bands in a box. She always gets excited about her variety of bows. It's a wonderful gift idea for little as well as big girls. So if you know a friend who loves any kind of hair accessories, it might be perfect.

First you choose a stable decorative box. I bought one which was really cheap yet perfect for my intentions as it has a bow attached to the lid. Of course you can also pretty up some old regular box on your own by covering it in wrapping paper. Make sure it's reusable! Now you fill the box with various hair accessories your friend might like. Let some space for additional ones!
The best part about this present: You don't have to actually wrap it.

What quick and easy gift ideas do you think of using this year?

Thank you for reading!

Have a nice day!

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