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 essence hidden stories nail polish 02 enchanted by hint of mint and  03 mauve-llous fairy
 02 enchanted by hint of mint |  03 mauve-llous fairy 
 swatch: 02 enchanted by hint of mint and  03 mauve-llous fairy on nails

Well, this story begins with me entering the drugstore looking for a certain black nail polish and ending up with four additional products in my hands. I have to admit, this happens more often than it should...

I'm talking about the new Essence Hidden Stories series. It's enchanting pastels initially caught my eye and let me just stare at them for good five minutes. All of the products are just too pretty. So I had to decide what to buy. Among other things I took two of the nail polishes. Each of the polishes provides a different special effect. I went for the frosted and the sparkling one.

The first one is a really fancy mint coloured polish, which is supposed to look frosted on your nails. Enchanted by hint of mint wasn't that easy to apply. It's quite thick consistency makes it look like some kind of mash at first. But as it dries, the little chunks become more and more obvious. And there we have a pretty, slightly shimmery frosted look. I promise, it's way nicer in real life than it is in the picture above. ;)

The second nail polish I chose is called mauve-llous fairy. It's a very subtle, sheen lilac, which doesn't provide as much coverage as the mint nail polish. When applied to your nails it's very smooth. Unlike other glitter polishes, the glitter is very small and actually reminds me of fairy dust.

Let me know what you think of them!

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