November Nails | Nail Art Tutorial

8.11.12 shinyglittercupcake 2 Comments

the finished nail art

It´s November and Christmas is getting closer. To get in the right mood for late autumn I created this look. These nails remind me of piles of fallen leaves combined with some early Christmas glitter. I hope you like it. (^-^)

The colours I´m using are a golden shimmering brown, golden glitter, dark green, dark red, orange and yellow.

 the tools you'll need, mostly nail polish

First apply a coat of brown nailpolish and cover it with golden glitter. Then you build your leaf piles. You just need to create the impression of leaves. It should look like leaf piles from the distance. Use a small brush to add each "leaf" to your nail. Every shape from round to oval is fine. Your first leaves should be in the darkest colour.
A coat of clear nailpolish will blend the colours.

I hope you liked my tutorial. Thank you for reading it!
Have a nice day! 

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